Monday, 27 May 2013

72826-007 & 72826-020

out now:
Occasional Detroit "Chitlin Breath" / C_C + S8H8Z "NOVA KOŽA" split C-20 cassette.
(O-D) [aka Occasional Detroit] / C_C + S8H8Z [aka Syringe Stick-Up Mama] - "Chitlin Breath" / "Nova Koža" [split c20]
(Occasional side pictured)
EMAIL 72826productions [at] gmail [dot] [com] to purchase.

V/A "Shit Rap (Vol.1 & Vol.2)" C-60 cassette.

featuring: Costes, Oh No! I'm 40!, Syringe Stick-Up Mama, Wigger Mom, Fækal Omsorg, Rimjob, Cock Safari, Ratdog, Big Daddy Murph, Luke, Mofhoprah, Bingo Gazingo, Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Tommy Q, Youthful Masturbation Techniques, Kommissar Hjuler and others. EMAIL 72826productions [at] gmail [dot] [com] to purchase.

(UPDATE 6/09/13): [72826-114] : SMUT PEDDLERS "BOTTOM FEEDERS + XXX FILTHY EPK" (BOOTLEG PACKAGE) ~ We are distributing a new release for a small label called 6655321 (official sublabel of 72826 Prod.). It is a double VHS box set with a cassette, sticker, double sided insert, and a poster. Housed in a white double VHS album and also - importantly - comes with a t-shirt. There are 3 medium and 5 large left, request size upon order. available from DISCOGS.

Friday, 9 November 2012


Syringe Stick-Up Mama "Self-Titled Compilation" LP 

In early 2004 Syringe Stick-Up Mama, Latch Key Kid and Bag Snatcha formed a partnership in a mansion in Canley Vale. Within months they released a series of demos and played their 1st show at Rooty Hill Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking Frail Aged. However, due to recurring altercations between Bag Snatcha and audiences, they played their final show at Caringbah Bizzos, and the group split up.
At Christmas 2004, although the crew had split, they released the album they had been working on, Dealers to Nodders. This was funded from charity rorts and stripping copper from factories. The album features guest appearances by Midnight Stabber, who Syringe Stick-Up Mama met in Borders where Midnight Stabber was dakking an 'Introduction to Post-Colonialism', and the wholesome Flora, who Bag Snatcha met at a Christmas carols sing-a-long at Northcote Nursing Home in 2003. Long since sold out, that highly sought after CD remains an important artifact of experimental hip hop from Australia and the majority of it along with a select few other songs have been rescued from obscurity and remastered for vinyl. Tastefully packaged in a newly designed sleeve; it also includes an insert with lyrics and liner notes. All copies come shrinkwrapped and affordably priced. Cloaked in mystery, little is known about them. Their violent and outrageous on-stage antics are now legendary. They were certainly pretty out-there and insane. And highly original. From Australia, no less. A bit rough around the edges, but severely kooky. First pressing of 300 copies on black vinyl. Available for order from our ONLINE STORE or DISCOGS.


"Yeah it's off tap. The dopest speed psychosis I've ever heard." --UN Hun on

"It’s seriously bent. It’s without doubt the most twisted and fucked up piece of music that I've heard in ages. I mean that in an inquisitively endearing way... It’ll scare the hell out of anyone who hears it. You thought that Necro and his crew were nasty! Well, think again… Imagine if Curse ov Dialect were grafted with a Mexican hardcore Brujeria and then hooked up with the sensibility of TISM, then you get some idea of this madness. Funny shit. I've warned you. I seriously don’t know what anyone will think of this. It’s original and so flipping weird that I can’t tell whether it’s absolute shit or fucking genius. It’s unlike anything you've ever heard." --Blaze (Mental Combat Mag/Hype Mag/Next Level Records)

"Straight up the byproduct of years of shooting smack into your eyeducts." --stylelistiks on


"Possibly the greatest thing Fragmented Frequencies has ever heard ever, in the history of ever, is [...] Syringe Stick Up Mama. [...] Whilst the rest of the album is an erratic blast of unhinged politically incorrect and at times verbally abusive socially conscious hip hop, with breathless and stupidly fast rhymes over inventive, dense and at times break-core beats, 'I Shit On Ya!' takes everything to an entirely new level. It’s a level so dangerous and inventive that the air up there is so thin that few ever get there, and those that do can’t remain there for too long. It starts normal enough (or at least normal in the context of this album which anywhere else would be very very weird), with a bit of Eastern European accented ranting over industrial 4/4 beats, yet then the real ranting begins, the music stops, almost like it gives up, knowing that it can’t even begin to compete with the genius that is about to follow. Or flow. It’s a torrent of abuse for the next eight and a half minutes, a' cappella ranting as the MC lets all those pent up grudges out, and it’s like opening the floodgates as we get swamped until we can barely breathe. ‘Cunts who are too weak to burn bridges, I shit on ya,’ ‘anyone who’s name starts with the letter a I shit on ya,’ he rails. Yet this is a far reaching totally insane and unfocussed rant so everything is fair game. You dobbed on him in kindergarten? Guess what? He remembers and shits on ya. No one is spared, even the ‘sissy’ who turned off the sound on the mic because he was spitting at the Empress the other week, or a pizza place who doesn't put enough spinach on his pizzas. That’s right, he shits on ya. By about five minutes his flow gets scattered, he loses track, tangents away and any semblance that this was ever music, and not just a random potty mouthed unhinged lunatic is gone. What makes it so great is of course that it’s hilarious and wrong, but mostly because there’s no censorship or polish. This is not studio trickery or even rehearsal. This is straight up pure improvisation. This music is blood pouring from a wound and no one’s bothering with band aids." --Bob Baker Fish (Fragmented Frequencies)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

19th release out now:
72826 Productions Fanzine issue two

(A5 size/12 pages long/full colour/printed on gloss cardstock) Contains interviews with Raceless (from Curse ov Dialect) and Passage (from Restiform Bodies) plus other features. Also comes with a free sampler CDr (72826M-011p) with tracks from Raceless, Occasional Detroit, Powerbar Ernie and the Brizzy Boyz. Available from DISCOGS.

out now:
v/a "Shit Rap (Vol.1)" CDr compilation
72826 Productions presents the first SHIT RAP compilation, which features a bunch of shit/noise/noisecore bands and solo projects all doing their take on shit rap. Features Costes, Fækal Omsorg, Wigger Mom, Cock Safari, Oh No! I'm 40!, Syringe Stick Up Mama. Available on 3"CDr or 5"CDr. Both versions come in clear plastic slipcase. 5"CDr version available from our ONLINE STORE. 3"CDr version available with bonus tracks from DISCOGS.

out now:
CHAIR fanzine (issue one)

New fanzine that covers experimental hiphop. It contains writing on shit rap, Syringe Stick-Up Mama, MC Trachiotomy, Collide.scope, Anon Speak, Tart Batch, Jazzy Knives, 72826 Productions, Josef Motley, Tortoiseshell Male, and De RaaskalBOMfukkerZ. A4 size/Black & white/20 pages.
Not a 72826 Productions release, and not made by anyone working with the label, but it does contain alot of 72826 Productions-related content and affiliated artists. So several copies have been picked up for official distribution by 72826 Productions. Available from our ONLINE STORE.

15th release out now:
Powerbar Ernie - The Unofficial Compilation

The Story (Short Version):
Powerbar Ernie is more well-known as Copywrite, who has had records released by labels such as Rawkus and Eastern Conference early in the last decade, sometimes collaborating with musicians such as Cage and J-Zone. PBE is an obscure side-project which set the bar for being the most disgusting rapper known - with lyrics about child molesting, rape advocating, drug abusing, elder abusing, and so on so forth. Copywrite has since ditched the PBE moniker and converted to christianity. He's a hardcore Jesus rapper now. 
(Read a full, unedited, and uncut version of The Story in 72826-022). 
Limited edition of 28 copies. 9 tracks of terrible quality shit rap/acid rap. Double sided/fold over insert and a professionally pressed CD. In a clear poly slip case with the 72826 Productions logo embossed into it. (Note: this is a bootleg compilation). Available from DISCOGS.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Syringe Stick-Up Mama - Original 2009 compilation CD artwork 

Signed & catalogued by the artist Spider Death.