Wednesday, 31 October 2012

14th release out now:

Rap Rat "For Kids Who Just Want To Have Fun!"
Quite possibly the most obnoxious and unwatchable VCR game we've ever found, "Rap Rat" features an Australian rapping rat puppet from the early 90s. Transferred to DVD and available on Mini 3" DVDr's in stunning quality- much nicer then the original VHS release. Strictly limited edition of 6 copies. Available from DISCOGS.

Roland Rat Superstar was the first rappin' rat to make it BIG, in the early 80s. He had it all, a fancy sports car, a big malibu mansion, and at the height of his success was doin' lines of coke every day, it is rumored.
Underground rapper Rap Rat from Australia belongs to those emcees who claim that Roland Rat Superstar copied their rhymes and their style.

Their beef goes back to the release of the first Roland Rat Superstar EP in 1983. At this time, Rap Rat accused Roland Rat Superstar of copying his rhymes and his style, which has been denied by Roland Rat Superstar.
Despite the fact both emcees despise each other, Roland Rat Superstar and Rap Rat have something in common: both were abused as children. 

Rap Rat justifies his retaliation against Roland Rat Superstar this way: “It started because he is a bitch ass nigga! Right now it stands with me kicking in his fucking face, real horrorshow, I ain't lettin' all the shit he said slide.”

NOTE: Bootleg.