Thursday, 8 November 2012

15th release out now:
Powerbar Ernie - The Unofficial Compilation

The Story (Short Version):
Powerbar Ernie is more well-known as Copywrite, who has had records released by labels such as Rawkus and Eastern Conference early in the last decade, sometimes collaborating with musicians such as Cage and J-Zone. PBE is an obscure side-project which set the bar for being the most disgusting rapper known - with lyrics about child molesting, rape advocating, drug abusing, elder abusing, and so on so forth. Copywrite has since ditched the PBE moniker and converted to christianity. He's a hardcore Jesus rapper now. 
(Read a full, unedited, and uncut version of The Story in 72826-022). 
Limited edition of 28 copies. 9 tracks of terrible quality shit rap/acid rap. Double sided/fold over insert and a professionally pressed CD. In a clear poly slip case with the 72826 Productions logo embossed into it. (Note: this is a bootleg compilation). Available from DISCOGS.