In early 2004 Syringe Stick-Up Mama, Latch Key Kid and Bag Snatcha formed a partnership. Within months they released a series of demos.
At Christmas 2004, although the crew had split, they released the album they had been working on, Dealers to Nodders. This was funded from charity rorts and stripping copper from factories.  The album features guest appearances by Midnight Stabber and Flora. Long since sold out, that highly sought after CD remains an important artifact of experimental hip hop from Australia and the majority of it along with a select few other songs have been rescued from obscurity and remastered for vinyl. Tastefully packaged in a newly designed sleeve; it also includes an insert with lyrics and liner notes. All copies come shrinkwrapped and affordably priced. Cloaked in mystery, little is known about them. Their violent and outrageous on-stage antics are now legendary. Syringe Stick-Up Mama were certainly pretty out-there and insane. And highly original. From Australia, no less. A bit rough around the edges, but severely kooky. 


Occasional Detroit are an Experimental Hip-Rock duo from Ypsilanti MI. Their sound consists of the finest abstrakt and cutting edge sounds on the planet.

Filtering Southern rap bass, electro crud, jazz swing, and the Residents through their personalized weirdness filters. Not paying too much attention to "flow" on their records--instead digressing into piglike snorting, incomprehensibly reverbed ranting, aimless ambient filler, or broken breakbeats.

Towondo "Beyababa" Clayborn & Demetrisa "Demeat" Anderson formed in early 2005, they basically hit the ground running and havent stopped yet. Highly Danceable beats, stage skits and crowd participation are their main ingredient in the (O-D) formula. 


Josef Motley was a fictional character in the videogame swampglow, a point & click game created by the notorious dinosaur-masked ventriloquist Grief Bitmap Designer, with music by Staring Flak MC, who based the character of Josef Motley somewhat heavily upon himself. His day job is in the theatrical dadaist collective Tortoiseshell Male.

He released two collaborative albums, dCABB & Josef Motley’s ‘the laughing cough’ in 2009 and Josef Motley and the lost & found sound’s 2008 mixtape LP. He has also worked with Wilberforce Malaise, the renowned Yasson, Abe Normal of Myriad, TENCHOO, jamesphoney & jamesreindeer, AOSR, Faux Poser, Kamikaze Picnic, Zombie Ninja Schmoe, VF Wing, Xaigon, Odynophagia, Kindergarten Hazing Ritual, FALSE LIGHT & Rusty Sheriff of Aeroplane Attack. He was also part of the short-lived “supergroup” more people, comprising of various members of swampglow & The Strange Death of Liberal England, and he can occasionally be found DJing badly in his bedroom under the name ObscureActivists.

When questioned, Motley (a fictional character) had this to say: “I hate 99% of hiphop but carry on choosing to make it for some reason. As my ‘music’ becomes increasingly niche market, my chances of ever making any money from it dwindle exponentially, yet I continue to indulge my follies in notorious electro quintet swampglow and the completely unheard of Tortoiseshell Male in which I play a fictional character called Staring Flak MC, a rapper somewhat deluded by his own self-grandeur.” He claimed his main vocal influences as Fred Schneider & William Shatner.